Mangochi Youth Sports Academy

We wanted children in Malawi to share in the physical, emotional and social benefits of sport. The Mangochi Youth Sports Academy was created so that we could work alongside schools to promote sports and encourage school attendance. We have focused on football and netball as they are as popular in Malawi as in the rest of the world. Boys will play football on hard, dusty ground without any shoes and using plastic bags bound together as a ball. The girls love netball and incredibly, despite their lack of facilities are ranked 5


Our school football tournaments have been organised with the requirement that children must be attending school to take part. They are really popular events and it has been confirmed to us that the promise of taking part in sports events does increase attendance. Thanks to the generous donation of balls, bibs and cones by the FA and used kits by clubs in the UK we have been able to distribute kit and equipment to each participating school.

Following on from the success of these tournaments we worked with the FA to send three members of the community on a Level 1 Football Coaching course, held in Blantyre so that they could run training sessions for the boys in the community.


It is not only the boys who enjoy sport in Malawi. The Malawi netball team is ranked 5

How You Can Help?

We always welcome new donations of kit and equipment which we send out each year. Please Contact Us if you can help.Instead of being stored in a bag, your used kit can really put a smile on someone’s face! We endeavour to send each club that donates a photo of their kit being used, which is really nice to show your players.

Education Sponsorship Project

We are absolutely passionate about encouraging more young people to remain in education in Malawi. We are very sensitive to the issues facing families in Malawi so we try to work with them to encourage school attendance. It is their only route out of poverty and the only opportunity they will get to find employment outside of rural areas.

Primary school education is free in Malawi but other issues can cause children to leave school, such as the need to earn income for the family, look after relatives, early marriage, being unable to afford uniform and books and a general lack of importance being placed on education.

During standard 8, students sit the Malawi School Education Certificate. Only those who pass with the highest scores are awarded a place at a government secondary school. Other students must attend a private school.

It is our aim to support students who are working towards this exam in standards 6 and 7, by providing them with extra tuition during school holidays, uniform, books and stationery. We also offer encouragement and support to the children to keep them engaged and motivated towards passing their exam.

We currently have eight students from three different schools on our sponsorship programme. We are very excited for their future and hope that they continue to work hard to reach their goals.

How Can I Help?

If you would like to sponsor a child so that they can complete their education please Contact Us. It costs only £15 a month and as a small charity we can assure feedback, photos and school reports.